Cambridge Contemporary Dance is a collective group of dancers based in Cambridge. Company’s dancers come from different artistic backgrounds and we have joined forces and energy in one common passion: contemporary dance. We produce collective works as a journey of exploring possibilities of movement and experimenting multiple relations between movement and space. We constantly look for challenging our artistic creativity also collaborating with other art forms and artists.

We are proud to be Dance Company in Residence at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, which has officially been our home since 2016. Contemporary Dance is driven to develop artistic projects within the Cambridge area offering the possibility to anyone to join our practice sessions at Homerton College dance studio.

We provide open Contemporary classes for non-members. To get involved view here.

Be sure to join our mailing list by emailing cambridgecontemporarydance@gmail.com



CCD spark




  1. Hello,

    I am interested in joining your contemporary dance programme. Please could you give me more information regarding classes, timetables, ect..

    Kind regards,

    Finn Morrell


  2. What age and experience do you expect auditioning students to have? I was unable to access your list of classes. Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks.


  3. Hi I woulld be interested to have information about any workshops you run. I used to dance at queens college, but am getting on in years, but nevertheless still love danceing. would you have workshops appropriate for me?


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